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r/destiny2: All about Destiny 2: The epic from Bungie. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/destiny2. log in sign up. This scout rifle with box breathing has the same TTK as luna's howl and NF which btw makes it. Destiny 2. Discuss all things Destiny 2. Box breathing? Would it be possible to have box breathing go back to the way it was before it was nerfed? It seems like it wouldn't be such a bad thing since all the changes to the sandbox and it would give solo snipers a pretty good damage perk in pve. Box Breathing Nerf Buffed Whisper of the Worm?! Interesting definition of a nerf but im happy about it. Outro Song: Lucid Truth by Blackmill Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed make sure to like, subscribe and hit the 🔔 Bell Button to join the notification Squad. With box breathing I can 2 shot the crit markers on the SoTP boss with my Tatara Gaze. Otherwise it takes 3 shots to break each shield generator. So with that being said, I can also 1 shot the attack interrupt with box breathing, otherwise it is a 2 shot. It's more about ammo conservation for me.

23/09/2019 · With Destiny 2: Shadowkeep set to change a lot of current mechanics and systems next week, here are the best weapon perks to hunt for.. Categories. With the nerf to Box Breathing, Firing Line has taken its place and provides 25% more damage with the perk active. Box Breathing: aiming this weapon for a short period without firing grants bonus range and precision damage that resets after firing or exiting zoom. If you could slightly reduce the time to activate Box Breathing from 2 to 1.5 seconds, then it’d be a bit easier to use. so far the two snipers that posses Box Breathing are Ikelos 75% increase in damage - I think & Whisper; however w/ Whisper you get a 30% damage.

What is the damage percent increase that box breathing gives? r/DestinyTheGame: Welcome to Destiny Reddit!. Destiny 2 and its. As of now, box breathing BB increases range and precision damage for 1 shot after aiming for a short time without firing or unscoping. 09/08/2018 · Two of Destiny 2’s best weapons may be a little less so once the game’s Forsaken expansion and accompanying game update launch in just under a month’s time. Those two weapons are the IKELOS shotgun and sniper rifle that players earn through the Escalation Protocol activity. The weapons are not. 29/06/2019 · Destiny 2. Bungie. Beloved Jubilation [Purple]Any Red Rune Snapshot/Box Breathing – Snapshot is mandatory on pretty much any sniper and Box Breathing is a solid pick for most modes. Snapshot/Quickdraw – This is mainly for quick PvP sniping. Snapshot/Moving Target – My favorite for PvP since I am bad at sniping. The Box Breathing ability in Destiny 2. Box Breathing is an ability available on Weapons. Description “Aiming this weapon for a short period without firing grants bonus range and precision damage that resets when firing or exiting zoom.”.

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20/07/2018 · Destiny 2 players have been looking for Black Spindle for months, and it appears that some players may have finally found a major clue. Players on Reddit encountered a secret quest on the planet Io, which leads to a timed mission — very similar to how the Black Spindle exotic sniper rifle was originally found in the original Destiny. 02/10/2019 · Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is finally here, and its opening quests have players searching for cool Legendary weapons. If you want to find the Tranquility Sniper, you need to get the Horned Wreath in the Chamber of Night. While this location may be familiar for some, we'll tell you how to find it. Before.

07/06/2019 · Players can finally pick from their own rewards in the Menagerie activity in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence. But to get what they want, players need recipes for what runes to use where. We can help with that. 2. Chambered/Full Bore, Accelerated Coils/Enhanced Battery, Snapshot Sights, Box Breathing, Charge Time Mastery The second one has better range at the expense of stability and handling, I could play around with the perks if something is better. What are your thoughts fellow Guardians? 15/07/2019 · God roll Menagerie weapons are some of the best guns in Destiny 2. They have excellent base stats, can be easily acquired, and can come with some truly incredible perks. The only difficulty is knowing whether or not the gun you have is a god roll weapon or. 01/10/2019 · Play the sequel of the hit game Destiny 2 - Destiny 2: Shadowkeep for Xbox One. Enjoy an action shooter that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system. 29/06/2019 · You only have until July to farm for Menagerie god rolls or curated rolls in Destiny 2. That's when the chest farming exploit gets fixed.

26/06/2019 · Destiny 2's Season 7 has introduced what may be the game's most satisfying gear grind yet in the Menagerie, a 6-player matchmade PvE mode. Add the fact that players have discovered how to loot the activity's final chest multiple times on one run, which is an exploit that remains unpatched by. This website uses data provided pursuant to Bungie’s Destiny 2 Terms. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game materials copyright Bungie. Bungie has not endorsed and is not responsible for this site or its content. ecfe77f. Search Profile Search. Home. My.

No Feelings Box Breathing Scout Rifle Fastest TTK Scout Destiny 2 Black Armory. No Feelings is the new raid scout rifle from Scourge of the Past. This Scout Rifle is the only weapon outside of snipers/linear fusions that can roll with box breathing. Whisper of the Worm is an Exotic Sniper Rifle introduced in Destiny 2 with an update on July 17th, 2018. It is the successor to the Black Spindle, and by extension, the Black Hammer. It is the form that Xol took to feed upon the Guardian.

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